Such narrow-minded people who measure all things in my standard


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1) Is not that what you're declaring you will not go to medical school later?

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It is important for my father to go to medical school of his children rather than anything else.
It is fateful to go to the medical school which was born as the son of Baek,
My father is the one who thinks it is duty.

Father's father, and his father's father,
Belief is not exaggerated.

I gazed at my brother who was singing alone.

I wonder what changed in my heart?

However, as I mentioned earlier, I do not even have a big idea to discuss the matter. Rather than the mouth that has begun to be activated

If you shut up, there is no wish. At first I was throbbing to the right but now I am picking to the left.

He almost rationalized his voice and raised his voice, but barely cleared his lips and ran out of numbers.

One, two, three.....

When I read my mind in my face, my brother blurted his horses with a squeaky look and slightly relieved the momentum.

"I mean, I mean ....... As a child who counts my parents' feelings a little bit ..."

He cut his horse like a sword and showed his back.

"Get out of my head!"

However, the awkward silence only flowed, and the sound of the door was not heard.

I picked up my pity and I shouted.

"If this is the case, I can get rid of everything in high school.

The effect was directly opposite. After the conversation was over, the door opened horribly and I heard a sound going down to the lower level of the udang dang.

Like a fool. Anyway, najinja is national treasure.

I touched the most demanding calculus problem in terms of caring for my mind and body.


The movement of the mechanically moving pencil and the sound are so good. But rest and peace can not last long,

As the face danced on the note, the emotion swirled.


The pencil was broken.

I felt like I was going to explode and I got up in a nasty room. And I locked the door. The face that emotions are revealed is visible to anyone.

I did not want to give.

I opened the window and breathed deeply into my lungs. Nevertheless, the heated emotion has no sign of sinking.

Damn it. It is the day when it does not come back.


In fact, when I was told "There is an unpleasant person without giving," I could not ban the scandal. I did not have a choice.

Because. Noisy families were annoying, but not hateful, and the rest were all there. School or academy.

There is no such thing as hatred when there is no human attracting attention.

Stupid people's stupid and infinite numbers. Without this kind of entertainment, I would not be able to win the bonus on the evening

I should have become autistic. Even though it is boring, there is a gap in my own peaceful daily life and a little insect that I can not think of

I have come in.

I have a classmate who gives me 정보이용료 현금화 class work and plays with my tongue.

Is not it? As it was hit by the moon, it was completely tasted.

I felt a sense of penetration of serious contaminants into the calm and crystal clear water like the water. Something inside me was breaking.

Damn it, can you get that skin on a bitch theme? If the name is yellow, it will be the skin that matches it.

Where is the color splashing like that?

Thanks to you, I did not want to recognize my skin even though I hated it. My only Achilles heavenly thing I know, I am the sun

I hate my skin that does not get into the light. The other is giving up, but skin color is hard. What the hell is this guy?

My brother and holy place seemed to live without care, but I was sick of me who experienced sexual harassment since kindergarten.

Do you know how many of these guys are freaked out?



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