Such narrow-minded people who measure all things in my standard


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The country is a human being.
But the result is, as you guessed, great fortune!
I was a family, unquestionably loud, irrational, full of blood.
For a while, it was as if the rice balls were chewing the sand.
But I do not know if I can get rid of my blood.

So the chosen lane is 'ignore', which, in fact, was not as easy as I thought.
Parents are noticing what their second son is worried about.
It seems to have also consulted psychiatrists without knowing it.
Nevertheless, I did not try to change my style.

I mean, I do not have any reason to nag you except for the cold and nervous.
There must be something missing.
I was an unhealthy son when I gave it to him, and he was expecting me more than my eldest son.
I have noticed something before.
I do not know what it is, but it must have been a wandering once, and I must have decided to watch it quietly.
My son, who did not cause a problem, except for the blunt thing, was excited about the school problem.
It seems to have felt a considerable sense of crisis.
I do not know what is inside today, but yesterday I'm not talking about it, out of the blue?



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