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The most important day of my life and my future. 

Today is my wedding day. 

I'm using a private-equity band now. 

I'm going to marry her in a traditional wedding. 

In her 1,000-year-old home in Anguk-dong.

I don't see my bride yet, but she's been held somewhere in this house.

I can see that he is having a hard time filming and using his head. 

Next to him, his acquaintance will always be there.

Ji-su was forced to attend in a wheelchair because of his lack of recovery.

But I'm glad you're here.

With a doctor's no-go order, a lawyer-like way of speaking, downed the doctor and out of the house as he pleases. 

Please give our brave Mr. Jisoo.

And my wife, who's going to have to dress up so hard! Cho Hee 

No matter how old it is, Jokdu-ri will be a once in his lifetime. 

But I can't figure out why my heart is beating so fast. 

Somebody please stop me! 

It's moving very loudly to see if his heart is sick. 

And you two looked at me, and I was standing there in a private office, hiding my innermost thoughts. 

I laughed with my characteristic softness. 

And you two are going to pop up at the Paeansori. I'm a bit shy. 

But if it wasn't for a stage kiss like this, how could I have gotten a better woman than me? 

Did you have it?

It's a triumph of the spirit of the kiss. 

behind me, distracted by this and that.

[Congratulations. Wen-su! You finally solved your wish.]

[Thank you. But how come you look more like a new man than me?]

Hey, it's my wedding next week, so I'm going to rehearse. rehearsal!]

[Yes, I hope you don't forget that you are the biggest casualty of this marriage anyway. 

My friend!

[You know if you don't talk, stop giving me the color. And we're actually going to be able to make this marriage. 

It's not you, it's Chohee. Even if I say hello, I have to say it to Chohee. Why do I do it to you? 

And it's Chohee who made me meet Ji-su. I'm sorry.

Yeah, you're great.

[But you're not nervous?]

[Man, I'm so nervous to tell you that it's you. Can't you see I'm shaking?]

I don't know if it's okay.

But it's only once in your life, so be good.

[Thank you]

You son of a bitch!

This guy who exchanges horse and horse with me very naturally is my alter ego. 

To be honest, I'm the one who made me human. 

I'm one of two people who can die except for my woman. 

This is the son of my father, Kang Myeong-sik, over there. 

Uh, don't you feel a little complicated? Readers!

That's right. It's a very long story. 

While I was thinking this alone, I was called. 

I walked very bravely. 

Maybe it's too energetic. I can hear laughter from here and there. 

Well, I don't know... I'm fine. 

Now, in a few hours, maybe a few minutes, I'll be there with my face covered, and I'll be walking to me.

Because she's really a part of me. 

Honestly, I just wanted to dig up her family registry without any procedures like this, but she's not gonna let me know. 

I can't do that because she's so handsome. 

She's too good-looking for me.

I marry someone like myself who has nothing to see.

Tears of emotion are streaming down my chest.

I'm the one who represents the bottom of this kind of Korean member. 

It's like meeting a real woman, learning to love, and how to live like a real person. 

I learned how to live by feeling. 

The only light given to me by my Creator who has had a hard and poor life in the past! 

My precious love is more precious than my life that has become the reason for my life!

From now on, I'm going to have a very special woman, and I'm going to be the lowest person in my life, and I'm going to have a very good relationship with her. 

I'm going to tell you a special and precious love story. 

Please read it a lot.



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