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1) The What's the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Useful for

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The Stone of Chaos is an upgrade material with the potential to bring your equipment to a higher level. Stone of Chaos is an endgame material. However, you can find it in loot, or as an item dropped from a Field Boss very early in the game.However you are not able to use it as it is in the early stages Lost Ark Gold. In order to utilize the Stone of Chaos, you need to have at least an Item Level of 1445. As of now, there is nothing that exceeds the Relic Level of gear in Lost Ark, at least at this point. When you have the Stone of Chaos is obtained, it can not be sold or traded within the game. Instead, it is affixed to your chicken.

The What's the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Useful for?

After the final battle in Lost Ark, there is plenty more to do, and for it, you cannot just wander around in circles without upgrading your equipment. Lost Ark Stone of Chaos is one of the upgrades of the 3rd Tier which you can use for upgrading your equipment to the Relic Level.Additionally you have to be at at Item Level 1445 in order to utilize it in the first place. Stone of Chaos can be used together with other upgrading materials, like Demonic Beast's Bones.

These can be found in these locations in the Caltan Legion Raid and Covetous Wings from the Vykas Legion Raid to help players reach the level of Relic. If you're looking to level up faster in the game, you should read the Lost Ark best Hunting Spots guide.

how to Get Stone of Chaos in Lost Ark

As of now, there are three ways to gain that stone the game Lost Ark.

The first method is to find and eliminate the World Boss Thunderwings. Stone of Chaos is a rare reward from the boss, and you might have to fight with the boss a few times before you can collect one.

The second method of getting an item called the Stone of Chaos is through the all-new Legion Raid Events. The monsters that are the boss of the event will have a shot of dropping one.

The final option is the most convenient, and also the most expensive. You can buy one from the sellers in the game, however it's going to cost you more than you can imagine and you must be prepared to shell out.

You're looking for more treasure? check out The Lost Ark treasure maps guide.

World Boss Thunderwings

One of the simplest ways to obtain the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos is by defeating Thunderwings. It is possible to find this World Boss Monster on the continent of South Vern. Thunderwings appear on the map every couple of hours throughout the game. Also, you can check the Procyon's Compass for direction and the timer when Thunderwings spawn. So grinding the boss battle is a method to aid you in obtaining the Stone of Chaos.

Legion Raid Event in Lost Ark

The new Legion Raid Event, you are able to defeat boss monsters, as they offer the chance of dropping a rare Stone of Chaos. There are various types of boss monsters that are able to defeat one after another Lost Ark Gold for sale. Each monster has its particular characteristics, abilities and techniques.



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