Cookie clicker - what do you think about it?


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1) Cookie clicker - what do you think about it?

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Cookie clicker is an idle game. You can play it anytime you have free time right in the browser. All you have to do is click on the screen where there is a big cookie in the middle. The number of cookies will gradually increase with the number of clicks. You can also use cookies to upgrade your click. the game's unique configuration is definitely a highlight! The large original cake in the center of the screen is a great touch, and it really makes the game stand out. It's a great way to get people's attention and get them interested in playing the game. The player's task is to click on the largest cake to create small cakes, the system will calculate after each click. When the required number is reached, in turn, locks containing useful items will appear such as pointers, old women, toasters, etc. The player must click on these small items in order to receive the bonuses and help needed to progress in the game. There are many different levels to the game, and each one gets progressively more difficult. In order to beat the game, the player must use strategy and think carefully about each move. The game is extremely addicting and fun, and I highly recommend it to everyone! These items will help to generate the number of cakes automatically after 1 second. The game is great for you to take advantage of your free time to entertain and discover many interesting things. When you have a party, you can use these items to help you save time and energy.



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