Apple Iphone Unlock Code Procedures


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1) Apple Iphone Unlock Code Procedures

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What is mobile sim network unlock?

Most of android and ios device can lock with particular code. This lock restricts those mobile from using other sim card. Mobile works only with one company carrier card like MTS, MegaFon and rostelecom. These are major telecom network providers in Russia. Now if mobile is locked with at & t or MTS then you cannot use Verizon or MegaFon simcard without carrier Unlock iPhone Samsung lg or apple iPhone mobile.

 Mobiles are network locked by carrier when device is bought on instalment plan. This is to secure payment. Many time corporate company buy hundreds of sim card and latest mobile for their employee. T-mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, bell, Telstra, orange, sprint all offer good corporate plan. These plans are good for corporate offices and also profitable for sim provider.


   Most of the time those mobile are network locked. And it has SPCK LOCK or service provider lock. And it need spck code to unlock mobile to work with other carrier network card.


To unlock Samsung lg iPhone mobile, you need to get following details about locked cellphone.

1) Imei number of iPhone, Samsung, lg or Nokia device.

2) Country where mobile is sim network locked like Russia, USA, Europe etc.

3) Manufacturer and particular model number of Samsung, iPhone, lg and Huawei mobile.

4) Name of the network sim card provider who has locked network like at & t, T-Mobile, Verizon, sprint, Telstra, orange, MegaFon, rostelecom and MTS.

Once you have above four information about your smartphone. You can generate imei unlock code for iPhone Samsung Motorola Huawei and htc mobile.

    You can use software and applications which can generate unlock codes for various smartphone. There are specific applications for lg Samsung and Nokia mobile unlock codes. Download application as per model number of smartphone.


There are many third party services available for network sim restriction. You can use those services. Most of these services are paid services. After providing detail about mobile, they will send unlock code with instruction to your register email address.

  Here I would like to add that iPhone or iPad don't use unlock code. Though it needs above information about iPhone and iPad. After that user needs to connect iPhone to iTunes computer and also have active internet connection. Wait for few minutes and restart iPhone and you will get message that iPod iPhone unlock successfully.

For android mobile start mobile with other sim card, now it ask for enter sim network unlock pin. Enter unlock code provided to you and once you enter unlock code it will shows that network unlock successful. For lg Samsung Nokia Huawei and htc procedure will be different.

 If you inserts other sim card without unlocking smartphone. It shows error message like network locked sim card inserted, invalid microchip, contact service provider, enter sim restriction code etc.




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