Дерсу Узала


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1) Дерсу Узала

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A few days ago, I saw it Дерсу Узала.The film mainly tells the friendship between tsarist Russian officer arsheniyev and Hezhen Hunter dersu uzara beyond class and level. After reading it, I can't calm down for a long time——
The insight into foreign culture can be so sober all the time, without always erecting a thorn of curiosity and invasion, just like dersu in the film, who has always been able to do well in the natural environment but always maintains the piety of awe; Even if there is no real contradiction between the two positions in the film, it can not be completely integrated into the road, even if there is no real contradiction between the two positions in the film. When the hunter who is not afraid of tigers really shoots and kills his prey, he breaks the solid barrier in his heart; When his former inseparable shotgun became a gift for others to hand over and give him to use, he finally realized that no matter how close, long and deep he was to the air of this foreign friend, he would always be a guest in the city and a foreign guest of modern civilization. His home court could only return to the grassland buried by the snow, no matter he was still alive, Or die directly.
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