Brandon Drury suffered a fractured left hand


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Brandon Drury’s season is probably over, after suffering a hand fracture on Tuesday night and being placed on the disabled list by the Toronto Blue Jays.
Such has been the Toronto Blue Jays‘ plight this season, anything that can go wrong has. As such, when Brandon Drury suffered a fractured left hand on Tuesday night against the Boston Red Sox, no one was particularly surprised.

As a result of the fracture, Drury has been placed on the 10 day disabled list. In all likelihood, his season is probably over.

In the grand scheme of things Kevin Pillar Jersey, this latest news doesn’t particularly impact the Blue Jays. As with Drury, their season is effectively over, with them out of realistic contention for a wild card spot.

For Drury himself, however, the injury comes at the worst possible time. He was looking to show what he could do and offer some value to the team, after coming over to Toronto as part of the J.A. Happ trade with the New York Yankees.
Despite only appearing in eight games for the Blue Jays, the 25 year old had already offered brief glimpses of what he could do. He got off to a great start in his debut, hitting the go ahead two run double in a comeback ninth inning win against the Chicago White Sox.

Drury also went 2 for 4 with an RBI in last Saturday’s win against the Seattle Mariners. Overall thought, the fact he was batting just .154 for the Blue Jays prior to his injury, shows he still has a lot of work.

Unfortunately for the  Grants Pass, Oregon native, he will now not get the opportunity to progress. And it continues what has been a frustrating season for him.
Drury was coming off two productive years for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and was looking to continue his development as an everyday player. However, he was dealt a curveball when he was traded to the Yankees prior to this season, to essentially become a depth piece in the infield.

The situation got even worse, when the 2010 13th round draft pick suffered migraines and blurred vision early in April, resulting in a trip to the DL. When he returned, he was assigned to Triple A by the Yankees and never truly got back on track.

As such, when Drury came to Toronto, it was a chance for a fresh start. Unfortunately for him, he will now have to wait and hope he gets another opportunity to show the team what he is capable of.


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