Houston’s lack of success in left field this season


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After getting promoted, Kyle Tucker looked poised to take the MLB by storm. But the opposite occurred for the Astros prospect. That doesn’t mean he won’t play a major role in the future.
The Kyle Tucker Tony Sipp Jersey experiment didn’t last long in Houston. During a few weeks in the bigs, the Astros outfielder showed little promise.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be a bust across the next few seasons.

Due to Houston’s lack of success in left field this season, Tucker could be a legitimate option by the end of the season. September typically allows minor league players to make a good impression for their respective MLB club.

By then, Tucker could http://www.astrosfanaticsjersey.com/jose-altuve-jersey-c-16.html make the necessary adjustments and possibly find his way onto a postseason roster. Nevertheless, presuming Tucker will put himself in that position irregardless is naive.

Houston hasn’t boasted a productive left field cadres since 2015 when Colby Rasmus owned a 1.000 OPS across 68 games played. That was also the first season the Astros were considered a strong playoff team.
It was also the first season across the previous four years that Houston’s left fielders ranked in the top 10 in OPS and RBIs. Since then, the Astros haven’t had nearly as much production.
Since 2016 began, 16 different players have played in left field for the reigning World Series champions, which is less than ideal. Primarily three players – George Springer, Josh Reddick and Jake Marisnick – have covered both other outfield spots to this point.

Yet http://www.astrosfanaticsjersey.com/evan-gattis-jersey-c-15.html, there was a time Springer didn’t look like an everyday starter. The club’s current leadoff hitter had a .231 average with 114 strikeouts in 345 plate appearances.

But look at him now. He’s a two time All Star and was last year’s World Series MVP.
Thus , the Astros have patience. And that’s what they might need with Tucker , who continues to whomp opposing pitchers in Triple A.

Nevertheless http://www.astrosfanaticsjersey.com/jason-castro-jersey-c-14.html, what makes Tucker “the guy” when compared to other talented players in the farm system?


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