Expensive Birkin packages create luxury records


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When it comes to top Fake luxury Bags, Hermes is the first to come to mind, and today's news confirms Hermes'status as the leader.

A Hermes 2014 Himalayan Birkin handbag sold at Christie's Hong Kong auction for $377,717,000, or 2.54 million yuan, the highest in the world.

My God?

First, let's take a look at this Fake Hermes Birkin Handbag. Not only are diamonds, but also the buckles and Hermes' symbolic padlocks are made of 18 carat platinum. The low-yielding and imminent shutdown of the diamond-encrusted Himalayan Birkin handbag, which produces only one or two a year, is one reason for the price hike this quarter.

Hermes platinum record

But such a cheap bag, let's eat the melon, the masses will see it! However, we can not only know that Hermes, in fact, there are many small groups of Replica new luxury bags waiting for you in the fashion circle "lucky"!

Eight years earlier than Hermes, Delvaux, a low-key and old luxury brand founded in Belgium in 1829, has recently become a big fire, but unlike other big fires in the bag, overnight became a national explosive, Delvaux is a step-by-step popular type.

In fact, as early as in You from the Stars, Quan Zhixian took the bag of Delvaux to let more Asians know the brand, although there was no fire, but this Belgian Royal brand is a symbol of luxury and good taste.

In star you, Gianna Jun takes Fake Delvaux bag.

Although a Mini bag costs about 2W +, the classic Delvaux guarantees a lifetime of success. In this era of looking at the face, Delvaux can make you never tire of watching!


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