How to remove the taste of the newly bought bag?


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How to remove the taste of the newly bought bag? Newly bought bags will have a little bit of smell. In fact, these are normal, don't worry about fakes, because the bags are made of genuine leather, and the new ones will naturally have a touch of light leather. So, what method is used to remove the odor of the bag before we use the Replica New Luxury Handbag?

The most effective is to use orange peel, Wendan skin, grapefruit skin, used tea to be dried and put into a gauze bag, put into the bag, you can be able to bag the smell. The specific method is as follows:

1. Take a soft towel soaked in water, then take it out and wring it out, then wipe it carefully inside and outside the bag. After the wipe is finished, put the bag in a ventilated place and dry it. Note that if you are in the summer, you can take a little sun in the sun. If you want to change to winter, the sisters should not be placed in the sun, because the bag will be affected by cold air in the winter sun, and the cortex is prone to chemical reactions. Make the Knock Off Cheap Bag easy to crispy.

2, there are many beautiful women have the habit of eating oranges, then you can use them, you may not know, there are many honeycomb holes on the orange peel, is a good adsorbent. We only need to take the rest of the orange peel, wash it first, then divide it into pieces and put it in the bag, then close the bag. After a while, you will find that the smell of the bag is not only removed. It can also make our bags scented.

3. If the beauty does not have time, the easiest way is to fold the new package directly and put it in a ventilated place for 2 days. The smell of the Fake New Bag will naturally disappear.


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I was very upset with the smell of newly bought bags. Thank you for sharing this method, I will apply it now!  wuxiaworld

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