Why doesn't the Rolex watch be worn? Uncover the mystery of the Rolex movement!


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The world is curious and has a strong interest in unknown things, such as a fascinating back. You always want to know what kind of long-term killer is he or she?

For example, a Rolex who is not ruined, Rolex is such a brand of cattle, why not do it? You always want to know what its mysterious movement is like?

Whether it's a tens of millions of watches or thousands of watches, the "back-to-back" appeal to people has become the main reason why you pay for some brands.

There is such a brand, all of its watches have barely been back-splitting, even if there are a few back-to-back models, it is only a short-lived in the long history. It is Rolex.

Why is Rolex so brandy? In history, Rolex has made a back-to-back watch, such as Rolex Cellini 54408, but this watch has already been discontinued, and people who know it can be said to be few and very small.

You may think that this is not mainstream because it is not reversed. I spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a mechanical watch but couldn't see the movement. It was just a night out.

Rolex hardly reversed this point, and the official did not give a clear answer so far, so some people criticized and questioned Rolex. But I believe many people have different understandings about this.

Personally, based on the brand positioning and product concept, the Rolex, most people feel that the quality is reliable, the brand is reliable, the style is also reliable. The Rolex approach is reliable, precise and durable. Summarizing the brand in one sentence is that it is very hard! This is very Rolex!

Here is a quote from the Rolex press release: We are Rolex, we don't need to show our breasts to prove ourselves.

The lack of a certain type of product is not successful enough for the brand.Replica New Swiss Rolex Watch has also tried to reverse the watch, which is the Celini mentioned just now. But the market is cruel, and products can't be seen in the market. Everything is not happening every day. At that time, no matter how good the collectors and watch lovers, the back-cut Celini did not escape the fate of being beaten into the cold palace, but only a few people still remember that Rolex had this watch.

Practicality is the king's position in line with the brand, not to do it because the back will affect the waterproof performance of the watch. I think this is true for anyone with a little knowledge of timepieces, and Rolex's Oyster watches have never been through. What is the style? The style refers to the design of the integrated molded case, the screw-in bottom cover and the screw-in head that Rolex invented, which is commonly known as the "Oyster" on the Rolex.

It is well known that the special shape of the enamel watch determines its waterproof effect. If the screw-in bottom cover is replaced with a "back through" sapphire glass, it can't be called Oyster. It is not difficult to understand. Is it good or split? Aside from the role of Rolex, the design of the back will have a certain impact on the waterproof performance of the watch. The best proof is that the real diving watch rarely does the back.

Rolex is recognized as the most durable mechanical watch. As far as the parts of the movement are concerned, its integrity, thickness and strength are larger than those of the general mechanical watch. In addition, Rolex's testing is the most demanding. After the assembly of each Rolex Oyster watch, it is subject to very strict air pressure, water pressure and temperature tests. The outer casing of the watch should be tested twice before the movement and after the movement to ensure the tightness.

Among them, there are many procedures, which are called "harsh". If the back of the watch is made through the bottom, it will inevitably affect the durability of Replica Swiss Rolex Watches, and even some of its factory inspections may not pass. Because the material of the back of the back is now mostly sapphire crystal glass, this material is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The performance of the mirror is very good, but the back and the mirror are different. The back of the watch is more solid and not strong, not will it not Scratches will appear. Rolex's factory inspection is "harsh", and I estimate that unless you can find a transparent material that is comparable in performance to metal, it will not affect Rolex's durability. And even if found, the cost is likely to be higher than metal. In addition, the back-through model not only actually affects the durability, but also sounds like a person.

Watches are bought for use, you look better than me, do you have me durable? Rolex does not do back-through. It may be due to cost considerations. Decorative sanding will inevitably increase the fixed cost, and it is also contrary to the idea of ​​seeking simple and stable labor. If the cost increases, the consumer must pay the bill, and the price of Rolex may rise. Like the Rolex's rare back-to-back watch, the prince of Rolex Cellini, the movement is beautifully polished and decorated, the same price is much higher.

I have always thought that this is one of the reasons why the Celini Prince is not screaming. The annual output of Rolex is one million, what is the best selling? Absolutely not those platinum, full-studded models, but more basic models, the price is relatively low. There used to be a labor fan who said that if you do it, the cost will inevitably rise, and the price will definitely rise. How can we average the general work fans? The difference between Rolex and Patek Philippe is that it is not so cold. Although the entry price is high, it is not affordable. Therefore, the audience is so wide and the sales volume is so high.

Rolex almost does not do the back-to-back is also a respect for tradition, it does not sensationalize, does not follow the tide, but stick to its essence: practical. It is not without technology, but it understands what is its own foothold, so it can always be "once and for all." Some people think that the mechanical watch is not back-to-back, but some people like Rolex not to do this. Some people say, "I don't understand why I want to pursue a back."

You may not have Rolex for the time being, but as a man you must have the quality of "Rolex", accurate and reliable, adhere to tradition and innovate. You must know that Rolex is unique. There are many luxury watches in the world, but the professional, durable, reliable and value-protected brands are only Fake Cheap Rolex Watches.


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